fruit tree

fruit tree
tree bearing edible fruit (Freq. 1)
Hypernyms: ↑angiospermous tree, ↑flowering tree
custard apple, ↑custard apple tree, ↑avocado, ↑avocado tree, ↑Persea Americana, ↑durian, ↑durion, ↑durian tree, ↑Durio zibethinus, ↑toothbrush tree, ↑mustard tree, ↑Salvadora persica, ↑olive tree, ↑anchovy pear, ↑anchovy pear tree, ↑Grias cauliflora, ↑sour cherry, ↑Eugenia corynantha, ↑Surinam cherry, ↑pitanga, ↑Eugenia uniflora, ↑rose apple, ↑rose-apple tree, ↑jambosa, ↑Eugenia jambos, ↑jaboticaba, ↑jaboticaba tree, ↑Myrciaria cauliflora, ↑guava, ↑true guava, ↑guava bush, ↑Psidium guajava, ↑strawberry guava, ↑yellow cattley guava, ↑Psidium littorale, ↑cattley guava, ↑purple strawberry guava, ↑Psidium cattleianum, ↑Psidium littorale longipes, ↑Brazilian guava, ↑Psidium guineense, ↑pomegranate, ↑pomegranate tree, ↑Punica granatum, ↑mangosteen, ↑mangosteen tree, ↑Garcinia mangostana, ↑mammee apple, ↑mammee, ↑mamey, ↑mammee tree, ↑Mammea americana, ↑papaya, ↑papaia, ↑pawpaw, ↑papaya tree, ↑melon tree, ↑Carica papaya, ↑mulberry, ↑mulberry tree, ↑breadfruit, ↑breadfruit tree, ↑Artocarpus communis, ↑Artocarpus altilis, ↑jackfruit, ↑jackfruit tree, ↑Artocarpus heterophyllus, ↑marang, ↑marang tree, ↑Artocarpus odoratissima, ↑coco plum, ↑coco plum tree, ↑cocoa plum, ↑icaco, ↑Chrysobalanus icaco, ↑quince, ↑quince bush, ↑Cydonia oblonga, ↑loquat, ↑loquat tree, ↑Japanese medlar, ↑Japanese plum, ↑Eriobotrya japonica, ↑apple tree, ↑medlar, ↑medlar tree, ↑Mespilus germanica, ↑plum, ↑plum tree, ↑plumcot, ↑plumcot tree, ↑apricot, ↑apricot tree, ↑cherry, ↑cherry tree, ↑almond tree, ↑peach, ↑peach tree, ↑Prunus persica, ↑nectarine, ↑nectarine tree, ↑Prunus persica nectarina, ↑pear, ↑pear tree, ↑Pyrus communis, ↑genipa, ↑carambola, ↑carambola tree, ↑Averrhoa carambola, ↑bilimbi, ↑Averrhoa bilimbi, ↑citrus, ↑citrus tree, ↑wild mango, ↑dika, ↑wild mango tree, ↑Irvingia gabonensis, ↑akee, ↑akee tree, ↑Blighia sapida, ↑longan, ↑lungen, ↑longanberry, ↑Dimocarpus longan, ↑Euphorbia litchi, ↑Nephelium longana, ↑litchi, ↑lichee, ↑litchi tree, ↑Litchi chinensis, ↑Nephelium litchi, ↑Spanish lime, ↑Spanish lime tree, ↑honey berry, ↑mamoncillo, ↑genip, ↑ginep, ↑Melicocca bijuga, ↑Melicocca bijugatus, ↑rambutan, ↑rambotan, ↑rambutan tree, ↑Nephelium lappaceum, ↑pulasan, ↑pulassan, ↑pulasan tree, ↑Nephelium mutabile, ↑mango, ↑mango tree, ↑Mangifera indica, ↑hog plum, ↑yellow mombin, ↑yellow mombin tree, ↑Spondias mombin, ↑mombin, ↑mombin tree, ↑jocote, ↑Spondias purpurea, ↑persimmon, ↑persimmon tree, ↑star apple, ↑caimito, ↑Chrysophyllum cainito, ↑sapodilla, ↑sapodilla tree, ↑Manilkara zapota, ↑Achras zapota, ↑canistel, ↑canistel tree, ↑Pouteria campechiana nervosa
Substance Meronyms: ↑fruitwood

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a tree bearing edible fruit.

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fruit tree noun
A tree yielding edible fruit
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Main Entry:fruit

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fruit tree,
a tree whose fruit is good to eat.

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n. a tree grown for its edible fruit

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